MASTERS OF MEDDICC - Thibaut Ceyrolle - EMEA Founder of Snowflake

July 19, 2021 Andy Whyte Season 1 Episode 6
MASTERS OF MEDDICC - Thibaut Ceyrolle - EMEA Founder of Snowflake
Show Notes

Andy talks with the EMEA founder of Snowflake, Thibaut Ceyrolle.

Andy picks Thibaut’s brain for advice concerning how to find and hire elite sellers. They discuss what made him and Snowflake successful, how to build effective Champion and how to use the Decision Criteria.
Key takeaways:

(01:02) Thibaut introduces himself and goes into his past in the software industry. While he is also discussing the need to acquire skills in entrepreneurship. Overall, being more hands-on and practical.

(08:53) Then Thibaut delves into how one progresses in one’s career and advancing oneself to the next level from the mentorship of a professional, and a change of work atmosphere. Thibaut adopted the mantra of, “words on what I think was right – but in a more structured way.”

(14:01) Here Thibaut talks about the importance of practicality and personalization – of adapting processes and frameworks to existing ground floor work being carried out. Being open to change and not just understanding what MEDDPICC is, but practically using it.

(17:35) The importance of the individual contributor and of the individual salesperson. Overall adopting an entrepreneurial mindset. Do not be afraid to go to Ikea to buy the furniture for your office. The HR department, business plans, and all the top-level aspects can come later.

(21:03) How Thibaut built up his team at Snowflake. The importance of trust within the organization and the motivational factor of trust towards the sales team/person. Thibaut stresses the value of getting Champion Builders and their importance in the sales process overall.

(27:08) Here Thibaut elaborates on the significance of trust. And how in many instances, people decide just as much with their heart as with their mind. To sell emotionally, as well as rationally. This segment also goes into hiring Champion Builders who have the right mindset of changing the world. In essence, a disruptor’s mindset is key to elite selling. The salespeople you hire are willing and able to take risks and shake things up.

(31:29) The motivational factors of the right mindset for salespeople and specifically Champion and Relationship Builders. Getting retentive business and consistent sales from the same clients is essential. You want disruptive/transformative people – thought leaders.

(38:33) How to adapt and reintroduce Decision Criteria to go through. How designing the Decision Criteria to the individual prospective buyer leads to positive outcomes. Here saying "no" to the client and then reworking the Decision Criteria needed to go through if the prospective client misunderstands the solution on offer. This is difficult and is why you need Champion Builders.

(41:39) Which Decision Criteria strategies that Snowflake and Thibaut carry out to experience the kind of Unicorn-growth that Snowflake has experienced. Thibaut talks about elite salespeople finding immense value in building a lasting – retentive - relationship with prospective buyers.

(46:33) The hiring process at Snowflake, and Thibaut's advice in regard to hiring salespeople. First, Thibaut suggests only utilizing a few recruiters, giving them exclusivity and trust in order to find the right people. Thibaut states, “I will recommend having limited head-hunters. Spend some time with them and ask questions about your business.” If the recruiters you hire do not know your business, company, and industry, then that is a big red flag.

(51:13) Thibaut goes into his interview process and what advice he can give here. Thibaut recommends delving into the prospective new salesperson's view on the sales process, and also the future. Meaning their future in the company, their wishes for their personal future, and where they think the company will go. Get people who, “speak with honesty, think with sincerity, and act with integrity.”