MASTERS OF MEDDICC - Lucy Williams-Jones - 21x Presidents Club winner

December 05, 2021 Andy Whyte Season 1 Episode 8
MASTERS OF MEDDICC - Lucy Williams-Jones - 21x Presidents Club winner
Show Notes

Today on Masters of MEDDICC, we welcome Lucy Williams-Jones to the show. 

Lucy has gained over 20 years of sales experience and is a regional director for Datadog, leading a team of enterprise reps in the UK and Ireland. 

In this episode, Lucy shares her strategy behind recruitment that leans heavily upon MEDDIC. We discuss desired traits in potential prospects and dissect what sets a good salesperson apart from a great one!

  “…I know that I am engineered as a salesperson deep down.” 

[00:08] Introduction to Lucy Williams Jones 
[02:09] Background on Lucy
[07:24] Criteria for working in a new company
[08:33] Misconceptions in Meddicc
[09:30] Leaving BMC
[12:28] The recruiting process  
[13:42] Three traits to look for  
[18:43] Learned behavior 
[20:32] Being open vs being desperate 
[25:21] Measuring success 
[31:30] Covid diagnosis
[34:21] Personal connections and vested interests
[35:52] What have you learned going from individual contributor to leader?
[42:22] Underlying talent in addition to MEDDIC
[45:05] What is the most important part of MEDDIC
[54:54] Using your champion
[56:36] Overview of PRV process 

Key Points:
- Three traits to look for when recruiting potential salespeople
1. Coachability 
2, High EQ
3. Affinity for pipelines generation

- Remain open and embrace the sales process. Don’t try to cut corners and have confidence in your ability

- To become a great leader, one must put themselves in the salesperson shoes, set a scene early in the playbook, and be strong during the discovery stage 

- Those most elite salespersons are seen as consultants